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    Picture of 120ml Spray Duster

    120ml Spray Duster

    Our high-power duster spray is designed to force dust and debris out of hard to reach areas such as burner jets, heat exchangers or laptop keyboards. Features an invertible can and detachable nozzle-straw for floor-level areas like under refrigerators. Contains refrigerants specially designed for non-flammable work.

    Invertible can works at any angle
    Contains 95% lower Global Warming Potential than HFC gas
    Prevents rusting
    Safe in confined spaces
    Detachable nozzle-straw for small jet
    Picture of 150ml Aero Pipe Freezer Can

    150ml Aero Pipe Freezer Can

    Arctic Hayes Pipe Freeze 150ml Can is a safe professional way to extend or repair pipework in minutes, without draining down the whole system ideal for small, single-use DIY or domestic plumbing jobs.

    Freeze kit can be used for central heating repairs and installations, to install / repair stopcocks and service valves, plumbing in washing machines or dishwashers, cistern washer replacements, installing shower units and installing or replacing taps or washers

    Freeze to -50°C
    Low Global Warming Potential
    Suitable for freezing various pipe materials including:
    Plastic pipes
    Picture of 5g White Smoke Pellets (Tub of 10)

    5g White Smoke Pellets (Tub of 10)

    5g white smoke pellets are encapsulated in a polycarbonate sheath, supplied in a re-sealable plastic tub. Perfect for testing air filters, fume hoods, air balancing and fans. White smoke can also be used for photography, special effects and more.

    Approx. 15m³ of dense smoke
    Smoke duration 30 seconds
    Non-toxic and oil free
    Complies with BS5440-1
    White smoke
    Picture of 600g Pro Pipe Freezer Can

    600g Pro Pipe Freezer Can

    The professionals' choice for pipe freezing, our new formulation Arctic Professional Spray Pipe Freezer in a 600g canister. Suitable for use on jobs where you need to work without switching off the mains or draining the system down. Freeze pipes with confidence and be in control. Requires VPOL brass connector (sold separately). Replaces the Polar PG01 pipe freezer.

    Suitable for use with all Arctic Spray Pro Freeze Kits.

    NEW formulation, low Global Warming Potential gas
    Fastest pipe freeze on the market - as little as 90 seconds
    Picture of Aero Disposable Freeze Jacket  8-28mm

    Aero Disposable Freeze Jacket 8-28mm

    Arctic Hayes insulated Arctic Spray freezing jacket, intended for use with Arctic Spray Freeze Kits. Suitable for 8-28mm pipes in all materials. Can be re-used when thawed and stored correctly.

    Suitable for 8-28mm pipes. Designed for use with ZEK1 or ZEK2 Arctic Aero Disposable Pipe Freeze Kits.

    1 x 20cm insulated pipe jacket
    2 x cable ties
    Picture of Boss White Jointing Compound 400GM